Discovering My School

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Discovering My School

Discovering My School


1. Photos of school staff
2. Photos of school departments

1. The activity begins by giving the following instructions to the children:
“Kids, today we are going to take a little tour of the school and explore our school to learn about the departments at our school, the people who work at our school, and what their duties are. I will be your tour guide on this trip, and you will be little explorers. Now line up in pairs and follow me, your tour guide.”
2. Then the children go on a school tour.

Then the children go on a school tour.

3. Children are shown the sections of the school (principal room, assistant principal room, teachers’ room, canteen, gym, psychological counseling service, toilet, cleaning staff room, library, laboratory, etc.) in order, and they are informed about these sections.
4. While the sections are being toured, the school staff introduce themselves to the children and give information about their duties.
5. After the end of the round, it is returned to the classroom. Children gather in front of the board. The following instruction is given by showing the photographs of the school departments and staff:
“Little explorers, you discovered our school with your tour guide. During your exploration, you saw new places and met new people. Now, I want you to tell me the names of the people you see on the board, what they do, where the places you see in the photos are and what is done in those places. What is the name and job of the person in the photo? What part of the school is the place you see in the photo and what is done there? Who wants to say?”
6. After taking the answers from the children by showing the photo of each school personnel and school department and asking the same question, the deficiencies in the answers from the children are completed by the practitioner.
7. The activity is continued by asking the following discussion questions to the children:
• Which of the school departments caught your attention the most?
• Was there a school section that you saw for the first time? If yes, which one?
• What surprised you the most on your school tour?
• What did you learn about your school during your school tour?
• What would happen if the school did not have school staff?
8. The activity is ended by giving the following instruction by the practitioner:

“Children, today we learned about the departments of our school and the duties of the people working in our school. Each staff member in the school has very important duties to maintain the order of our school. When we know the duties of these people and the departments of our school, we also learn where to go and who to go to when we need something, and from whom to get help. Therefore, it is very important for us to know the people working in our school, to know where they work and to know our school.”

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