My Toy And I Started School

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My Toy And I Started School

My Toy And I Started School


We are in week 2 of game days. Our next game is My Toy And I Started School…

My Toy And I Started School


1. Toys brought by students from their homes,
2. Working Sheet-1
3. Event Information Note

Preparation for the Practitioner

1. One day before the study, the children are asked to bring toys.
2. For children who cannot bring toys, they are asked to choose a toy from the toys in the classroom.
3. The visuals in Worksheet-1 are separated and hung separately in the classroom where students can see them.

Process (Implementation Steps):

My Toy And I Started School

1. The practitioner enters the activity with the following instruction.
“Hi guys; Last week we talked about our feelings about starting school. Today, we will talk about what we can do about the emotions we experience intensely.”
2. “Can you introduce us your toy that you brought from home?” by the Practitioner. is called and the shares are taken from the children.
3. By Practitioner “Your toy woke up early and came to school with you today. How do you think he feels to be here?” and then the students are asked to go under the image of how they feel the toy.

My Toy And I Started School
4. After the students take their places, the following questions are asked in order:
• What do you think causes your toy to feel this emotion?
• What emotions do you feel about starting school? Do you have a similar feeling with the toy?
• When you think about your feeling about starting school, does anyone want to switch places about their feelings? Why is that?
• What can your toys suggest so that they can be happy and cheerful about coming to school?
• What do you think, or whatever we do, make your toys angry/confused,stagnant etc. do they feel?
5. After the students’ shares are received, a suitable option among the suggested ones is carried out together with the students in the classroom. If the suggestions from the students are not suitable for the classroom environment, one of the ways of regulating the emotions given in the Activity Information Note is chosen together with the students and asked about the change in their emotions.
6. After the shares are received, the event ends with the following explanation:
“Dear children, it is very normal for us to experience some emotions in every new situation and it will comfort us to know that everyone experiences them. Starting school is also one of the important changes in our lives and we may feel different emotions at such times. When you feel uneasy or bad about starting school, you can remember what we did today and use one of the ways to relax. You may find other ways that you find comforting for yourself.”

You can access the document here

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