Best Netflix Series According to IMDb

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Best Netflix Series According to IMDb

Best Netflix Series According to IMDb

Hello My Beautiful Friends,

Unfortunately, one of the most curious subjects since Netflix entered our lives has been the Best Netflix Series according to IMDb. As a matter of fact, I have to do a little research on this subject and make a list for you.

Let’s get started then…

1. Bojack Horseman (2014 – ) IMDb Rating 8.5

It is one of the most popular series on Netflix. It chronicles the efforts of a horse, who was a sitcom star in the 1990s, to become famous now. This Bojack Horseman movie, which has a human body with a horse’s head, is a comedy series as such. Comedy and anime lovers will love it. I’m looking forward to season 5.

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2. Stranger Things (2016 – ) IMDb Rating 8.9

The Stranger Things series, which will attract the attention of science fiction lovers in particular, begins with the sudden disappearance of a 12-year-old boy named Will.

3. Nanatsu no taizai ( 2014 –  ) IMDb Puanı 8,2

Nanatsu no taizai, a Japanese anime film, tells the adventure of the king’s daughter to find a group of knights called the 7 deadly sins in order to get rid of the holy knights who are conspiring to overthrow the Kingdom of Britannia.

4. GLOW ( 2017 –  ) IMDb Puanı 8,1

It tells about the participation of 12 women who could not hold on in Hollywood in the 1980s, to a wrestling organization that will be broadcast on TV and the difficulties these women will experience with a group of women.

5. Narcos ( 2015 – 2017) IMDb Puanı 8,8

Narcos, which is about the life of Colombian world famous drug lord Pablo Escobar, is one of the best series on Netflix.

6. Dark ( 2017 –  ) IMDb Puanı 8,6

Another Netflix hit and IMDb-rated series is Dark. Before I write about its subject, I would like to point out that it has only been translated into German and English. However, it also has Turkish subtitles. Its subject tells about the efforts of two children and 4 different families who went missing in a small town in Germany, to find these children, and the secrets that are revealed.

7.  Better Call Saul ( 2015 –  ) IMDb Puanı 8,7

Jimmy McGill, the crooked lawyer of Breaking Bad, recounts the events of her life before she met Walter White.

8.  13 Reasons Why ( 2017 –  ) IMDb Puanı 8,0

17-year-old high school student Hannah Baker decides to end her life. Clay Jensen, who is in the same class as Hannah Baker, pursues this mysterious death.

9. Orange Is the Nem Black ( 2013 –  ) IMDb Puanı 8,1

It is about the experiences of Piper Chapman, who was imprisoned for an old crime 10 years ago, in prison.

10. The Walking Dead ( 2010 – ) 8,3

The walking dead, which I love to watch, is now on Netflix. After the zombies have taken over the world, sheriff Rick Grimes will have to protect both his family and the team within him from the zombies and other groups. It is a series that people who love zombie movies can watch for a long time.

11. Lucifer ( 2016- ) 8,2

Again, the lucifer series that I follow with excitement and broadcast on Netfix. Here is a demon that is very different from what everyone knows and knows. Lucifer gets bored with his work in hell and now decides to spend more time with the people of the world.

You’ve read my article on the Best Netflix Series According to IMDb. If you have a Netflix series that you watch, you can write it in the comments.

I wish you pleasant days.


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